Historic Belgian Standard (1904)

Belgian 1904 Standard

Little Lion Dog, Leeuwtje, Lowenhundchen

General Appearance
A small ladies’ dog, very active and intelligent, always one-third of the body be clipped or shaved, giving him with his profuse collar the appearance of a lion en miniature.

Short; skull rather broad.

Black, not turned up.

Round, large and intelligent, dark in colour; eyelids dark.

Long and hanging, well feathered.

Small, short but well proportioned.

Fine and straight.

Small and round; nails dark in colour.

Of medium length; clipped at the root and well feathered at the tip.

Rather long and wavy, but not curly.

All colours, self-coloured or parti-colours; the most preferable colours are the self-white, black and lemon.

Height at shoulder
From 8 to 14 inches

From 5 to 9 lb.

As published in Hondenrassen, 1904.